Gui Fei oolong is a remarkably distinctive and unique Taiwanese tea in both flavour and stories to tell about it.  This style of tea came to be quite recently, more specifically in the years that followed the disastrous Sept. 21 1999 earthquake that disrupted the lives of not only city dwellers, but tea farmers as well.

In the famous Dong Ding area, tea producers neglected their plantations while they were busy rebuilding their homes and workshops. This left the tea gardens as open fields for the green leafhoppers to feast on the fragrant leaves. Their nibbling of the leaves causes the bushes to react to the invasive bug by increasing polyphenolic content in the leaves to mend themselves after the invasion.

More polyphenols means also an increase in tannins and, down the road, after processing these leaves into tea: a rich, wild honey aroma and sweetness in the cup!

Notes of passion fruit, rose, and marble rye

Spirit Tea Gui Fei 1.5 oz

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